In addition to sound management through continual communication and feedback from our customer, Tekla Research uses in depth performance management metrics to measure Task Order performance. These metrics are continuously reviewed by the Tekla Research Seaport-e Program Manager to constantly improve our performance throughout the Task Order award contract period of performance.

The Tekla Research Seaport-e Team approach to performance metrics is based on the following standards:

* Identify relevant performance metrics, indicators and goals that accurately measure team performance
* Communicate these metrics, goals and team performance expectations across both the contractor and government team
* Ensure that accurate and objective data is collected, analyzed and used to improve contractor team performance in a timely manner
* Share the analyzed performance data in an open and collaborative environment across the contractor and government team to promote teamwork and continuous process improvement
* Continually review and improve performance management metrics to ensure the highest standards of contractor team performance, ensuring customer expectations are always met or exceeded.

These standards form a solid base from which to develop specific, Task Order (TO) performance driven metrics. Metrics developed specifically for individual Task Order contracts will include key technical performance indicators and service delivery expectations at a more detailed level.

The Tekla Research Seaport-e Team understands the importance of providing the customer with regular insight into our cost, schedule and performance throughout the Task Order period of performance. Our team has made significant investments in people, processes, and the management tools needed to ensure success. � Our Seaport-e Quality Assurance plan and performance based metric standards it’s based on will ensure continual product/process improvement. � This, coupled with our constant teaming and dialog with the customer, is designed to provide the Virtual SYSCOM and other Seaport-e customers outstanding products and services on every contract awarded.